Corporate Magic:A Promotional and Advertising Medium

Board Room Magic Anyone? Oh yes! CEO’s do love surprises. And consumers do love surprises too! So how about making business life more magical? And how about adding that special bit of magic into your product launches and advertisement? Trust me when your noodle crawl out of the hot bowl and forms a company logo on the dinner table, it might make a different image: a product that has power to bring energy and livelyhood back to your life!

Or when an energy drink can refills itself again and again even after pouring out to fill a giant mug out of it, it may indeed build a strong brand image: unstoppable source of energy oozing out of anyone who drinks it!

Just imagine a mint branch able to project a cool image when they blow out of his mouth freezes the bottle of water. Mint candy that is really cooool; freeze the water, refresh your life!

These are only few examples where creative magical artists come handy. Lets expand the horizon; lets brin the magic into board room. How about your CEO able to make a booklet of policies blank all the way and then get filled up again. It will bring smiles to the members sitting around bored! If that wont do, then how about making a senior head of the company remain just a head and no body at all. He can be seen delivering an anual speech just being a helpless head put on the table, while his body plays a game aside! You just imagine the impact of the speech!

Magic can be made as dignified as you wish, as the level of seniority increased, or can be as funny and crazy if the ambience around is light.

This is about how you as a business person hire my help in a very artistic way that is truly magical, to promote your ideas, or get across a message in a memorable way! I can help, as I have 15 years of magical experience in theatrical and visual magic. If you are reading this, you are maybe interested in knowing how a magician can help you achieve your goals. Wether it be a trade show where you plan to expose your products, or be it an annual meeting, or a party organised on a lighter note. Magic has power to bring a difference . It’s fun. It’s effective. It’s affordable. And satisfying.

Lets see how illusion and magic techniques and tools can be integrated with all aspects of, and ofcourse al types of, business institutions. Cafe and hotels can hire an on house magician, who can help them entertain waiting customers at tables. No long boring times for them waiting to be served. Free fun along with nice food atract repeat customers for sure. A magician working it outside the cafe will definately attract well enough customers to enter in.

If you want grand magic for an auto, cars, bikes etc trade expo, them a floating car or bike will yield more views to that area than any other ones. Or you can show one model vanish and other appear. And ofcourse you can make people appear inside or vanish them from within. You can change colour of the vehicle to show various options available.

Outdoor advertisers can be helped greatly if a giant hoarding hoard a sec before gets painted and printed in a blink of an eye. Or how if the giant board floats up and gets attached to the boarding framework on top of the building?

Last time I was at a farewell function of a company where a few employees were being fired, I found it stale. Why not have them a dignified exit. They sit on a chair inside a cabinet, puff they vanish. Or ‘bang’,  new employees take their places. Appearance at a good use!

A business executive floored a project head when he predicted the proposal an hour before it was on the table!

Magic makes the board room a relaxing place to share. So much for the CEO aspect. Lets now see how trade show booth and other events can benefit. I let you explore my creative idea!

Here I give you some practical advice on attracting customers on your Trade Show Booth. You with all your vigour and products have set up the top of the line show booth. You get there early hoping the best: but problem is, there is no one around the booth. You need to have plans – magical plans.

A great way to spread the word about your company and product is by giving away promotional products with your logo, name and contact info. A proven way to hook them is to surprise them. How about a living half lady handing give-away Gifts, cards of brochures to passerby!

Or how about interactive magica game for kids around there. A board with balloons stuck to them, gets burst at the command of kids, each with a card inside plus a Candy for them.

A more interesting plan would be to let them turn into Uri Geller, and have them crush a drink can mentally. A ca non table can be manipulated by kids….

A sketch pad has a figure drawn and it comes to life when kids look at it.

A cola bottle oozing smoke i also a good one!

A good magician is able to suit te company image and can incorporate products and messages to fit the his/her magic routine.

I can, given the company message, catch unsuspecting passerby and subtly let their mind feed the info. A good fun along with some amazing feats of sleight of hand can hook them. People watching dozens of company cards appear at my finger tip, get really amazed them.

Or how about I leave the ground and float up a feet when they pick a company brochure – each time and again.

To summit it up trade show booth magic or any kind of business promotion event can be channeled into a fun and informative trip fort hem.

Vanishing or appearance, or be it levitating or change products or logo’s; magic can be grand too!