The floating watertap

The floating watertap.A tap magically fills up the pond..without any visible source!

Contact Rupesh Takur for options and availabillity!I can build this for your house..or pool…or restaurant….cinemas…park..anywhere…


Glass Box Led Vanish

The Glass Box Led Vanish

A glass box is surrounded by 6 specators

It is an empty clear glass box, in which a LED television is hanged.

The illusionist then steps on top of the box, or even better: flies to the top.

Then he falls into the box, and that same moment he and the LED-TV vanish completely.

Without cover, in just a blink of an eye.

This concept uses a very new hiding space principle!

About Rupesh Thakur



Rupesh Thakur has proven himself to be one of the most influential magicians in the Nepalese magic world today. His work as a master magician has changed the way live Magic entertainment has come to look in Nepal. Specifically, his understanding of illusioneering, combined with his vision of cutting edge science of illusion and imagery, has allowed him to literally redefine illusion as a venerable element in a live platform.

Besides being a magician he also is a professional and well known designer of theatrical magic effects. Magicians, illusionists and Magic show Tv producers from world over contact him for ideas for putting mega magic into their act. He provides all information, tools, tips and expert help to make magicians do grand illusions, such as Aeroplanes and helicopters dissappearances and appearances, building and yatch and submarines and vehicles disappearances and appearances, explosions and fireescapes! Teletransportation effects; 100 people vanish and appearances at a go… Truck levitations, or Truck Changes.. Anything you can imagine.






School events

Business presentations


Feel free to contact for prices and availabillity! Magic has an international appeal, almost like a universal language, and bridges all cultural and geographic boundaries even more than music or any other type of entertainment. Live magic is an artform all on it’s own. Every industry is constantly looking to re-invent itself. Also in the field of magic state of the art technology is used to create a new and modern style of magic. Magic has proven in history to use technology that is ahead of its time. magic creators are experts who understand today’s theatre and entertainment business.

Rupesh Thakur has a different site for his magic shows work:


Magic Shows


Aartee is the best place for theatrical magic in Nepal.

Birthday Show

My birthday party show is specifically designed for children to laugh, clap, and have a great time!!! Watch in amazement as your guests and children cheer the volunteer on stage. Laugh out loud as the birthday child and a friend get “turned” into magicians. Watch their faces as the children “OOOHH and AAAHH” out loud to visual magic with fun and colorful magical props.

Corporate Magic

How about making business life more magical? And how about adding that special bit of magic into your product launches and advertisement?

Party Magic

Having a magician at your wedding is a great way of making your big day uniquely enjoyable.

School Magic

My visit to your school or college can be such a wonderful opportunity for your students to witness magic and ask, “Now how in the world did he do that?” By getting kids to ask questions and wonder about something is the first step in getting them to want to learn more.  This is the very reason we want to bring enrichment to your schools. It launches interest and excitement and broadens the horizons of your students.


You as a tv magic show producer might wonder why would I need a director for a magic act. We need a magician and a camera crew! That’s it! Here’s why a consultant would help you hand over a show, that would defy a solution both for a know all magician watching the show, and also general public!! A real surprise! Magicians are sloppy sometimes, many are!! You can see hundreds around doing clumsy double lift or useless steals for an egg! People normaly wont be fooled if they know even a slightest fumble. People will see a hidden object and seconds later they think how it’s done! Magic over! Even if that object forms just one percent of the entire effect. Consultants make sloppy magicians into ace talents!