Magic Lessons:Be a Magician!!

Learn magic!

Do u wish to be a magical entertainer? A magician who is loved and is famous! An icon at any party or function or popular  in a group of people or in your school or college? Are you a CEO who wants to be a magical mangement expert in HRD? If u would be interested in learning a bit of magic then my purpose of the Magic Workshop is to teach new skills and give u opportunity to perform for your guests and entertain in front of a crowd. The benefits of this in the business world is obvious: Confidence Building, Inter- Personal Skills, Communication as well as a huge Morale Boost.

What will you learn at the workshop?

You will learn 20 magic tricks!

What we do

We teach over 20 really cool magic effects. For example: A glass of soda that levitates right in front of everyone’s eyes. An ordinary newspaper that is slowly torn up into many pieces just inches from the audience. They can see and touch the pieces. Then, in a flash, the entire newspaper is totally restored. There is an amusing rope routine, a trick pencil, multiplying balls, an Nepali flag, liquids turning into solids, swords, fire  effects and then of course the one thing that will definitely get everyone’s attention; our live rabbit productions. Lots of bunnies that can be pet and held! We hold nothing back, depending on the ages of the audience members, in performing some of the best magic most people have ever seen!We include some puzzles that you can do while building your presentation skills and self- esteem. .  The Magic workshop will give you an opportunity to learn Sleight of Hand Skills, Stage Performance, Misdirection and Comedy Patter. Best of all you will learn all you need to know to put on a fantastic mini-magic show for your family and friends! Our magic workshops are built around the premise that learning is fun and, with a little practice, anyone can learn to be an Amazing Magician!

Where is the workshop conducted?

Our workshops are conducted at our Magic shop/studio at  janakpur office. We also conduct private workshops at residential places , provided we get minimum 10 students . Each workshop runs one hour in length and is taught by one of our outstanding instructors/ magicians.

Who can attend the workshop?

Workshops are appropriate for children as well as adults, ages 5-70 years old. Adults also can enroll for the workshop. Each workshop can acommodate a maximum of 10 students , this is due to the personalized instructions. The class begins with the magician showing the class a magic trick and giving the students a chance to guess how it was done. (They love that part!) Once the secret is revealed, the magician will go over the mechanics of the tricks with the students , emphasizing magic words to use, gestures and stage presence. The class is very interactive and hands-on, and the students are encouraged to explore their innate creativity.

What is the fee & duration of the workshop?

The fees are Rs10000/- (Rs.Ten Thousand Only) . This includes all material and apparatus required to teach 15 tricks and Puzzles, also lecture notes are included .Each workshop is conducted for one hour daily for 3 days . Timings can be fixed between 11am to 6pm . Saturdays we are closed.

After the workshop what next?

After one completes the basic workshop described above ,and is interested in developing this art further, then one can attend our INTER MEDIATE AND ADANCE WORKSHOPS. Each workshop runs one hour in length and is taught by one of our outstanding instructors. If one takes it seriously, one can make a good career out of this art of magic . We also merchandise professional magic equipments.