Aartee is part of Rianfil’s hologram branche, the ONLY company in the world capable of making MULTILAYERED 3D holographic displays for every situation! They can be augmentated, interactive, and any size. With the latest techniques holograms can even have shadows and look completely 3D. Our new REVO systems enables you to have complete freedom over your holograms even in a large theater setting.

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Our own developed REVO system is the latest and best in holographic displays. Whatever happens on the secret downstage area becomes a 3D hologram on the upstage.

HTheatre (3) REVO TheatreHTheatre (2)

Thanks to the possibillities of variation angles we can place holograms anywhere.

Zdisplay SK 84847 Jellys Option 1 (4) Cup booth SK02

We found the solutions for holograms under water. Now we can have seamunsters in any fountain piece or mystical lake.

Underwater Stage 02 Underwater Stage 03

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It is possible to have a setup where people can walk through and become part of the holographic display. We can have them walk through a tunnel filled with magical animals.

Mall Hologram Triangle 01Mall Hologram Int 03

Mall Hologram Int 02 Mall Hologram Int 01

For shopping malls we offer the opportunity to have shows, like fashionshows, in a special holographic theater. People can walk in and get involved in the holographic world.

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Also for shopping malls, museums and theme parks we also offer the holographic boxes in which people can see a hologram of whatever you want from all sides. It is also possible to have actors inside that interact with the holograms.

Pyramid Hologram 03 Pyramid Hologram 02 Pyramid Hologram 01

We can make hologram displays with turntables for different settings. This is great for a museum or theme park experience.

Hologram Turntable Hallway 07Hologram Turntable 01 Hologram Hallway 02

There are literally only 5 people on this planet who can work with the altered angle-formula, and two of them work for us!!

Soon we will showcase its new and unique hologram box for shopping malls and exhibition areas. Our model is currently under construction! Once placed in a mall shops can rent time in the box to show their promotions, leading to new oportunities for both shops and box owners.

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Our holograms can be made in our own factory in the Philppines. Our hologram company is called Sfumato. From there we can supply you any hologram setup you might need.

2014-06-02 13.05.41


Welcome to our illusionary world!

Thanks to the latest techniques and new insights, and with the help of some professional creators of magic and special effects in Europe, we can now present the future of entertainment and advertising Holograms!

The Holographic Displays!


Our holograms can be placed in EVERY setting and, depending on space, can create up to larger than life holograms. That means that you can now have for instance a holograpic fashion show of holographic people showing your clothing. Or you can have your products being presented by a holographic tapdancing penguin. Holographic text can tell all about your products, while a holographic fireworks show draws attention to your shopping window. Restaurants can have 3-dimensional projections of their food. You could even have a 3-dimensional house or car flying around, showing all angles while a beautiful holographic lady shows all the special qualities. Whatever you want: we can place it in your shopping display.

315623_2219664448467_1153347035_32195858_160477627_n fish

The basic setup is a display-table on which the holograms will appear, and an image triangle that creates the hologram. No more special boxes, no more mirrors…. Thanks to our own new invention all the special gimmicks are hidden in the table and cannot be seen, making it a perfect illusion. The holograms appear in 3D, and can be seen from 1, 2 or 4 sides!

black and neon green measurements inside cabinet bottom

For business we can create special displays. Basically we can make whatever you want to show off your new product. These gadgets are very expensive in Europe. But from Asia we can produce the same effect for a much lower price.

Remember: this is the very latest in holographic techniques and this is used, for instance, in European amusementparks to create magical shows for audiences. But we took them a step further and made them into portable and affordable displays that can be placed everywhere. Basically we can make them fit into every place, and in every size, from 1 to 20 feet, and up to 4 sides for a truly 3D effect!

IMG_20130704_155035 IMG_20130704_155057 IMG_20130617_160852

New possibilities are on their way in the Hologram industry

The holograms we offer right now are the holograms which use mostly video images, but on the new posibilities you can see yourself in the hologram. Not just that.. you can see your self in the hologram wearing the item you want! Or you can see yourself as a hologram, or you can dance with a holographic panda… In our just opened testing faccility in The Philippines we are currently testing interactive holograms so that you can make a realistic 3D panda move and dance just the way you do. This is the new era for entertainment!

Soon you can touch the hologram and create interactive holograms by using the very latest technologies.

Michael Jackson Hologram 1 Sea of Flowers 04 Hologram Turntable Hallway 07

Feel free to contact for possibillities!


The Floating Table

The floating Table

These tables are perfect for product presentations and are based on a magical principle never before used for tables.

Ask Rupesh Takur for options and availabillity!

Magic Shows


Aartee is the best place for theatrical magic in Nepal.

Birthday Show

My birthday party show is specifically designed for children to laugh, clap, and have a great time!!! Watch in amazement as your guests and children cheer the volunteer on stage. Laugh out loud as the birthday child and a friend get “turned” into magicians. Watch their faces as the children “OOOHH and AAAHH” out loud to visual magic with fun and colorful magical props.

Corporate Magic

How about making business life more magical? And how about adding that special bit of magic into your product launches and advertisement?

Party Magic

Having a magician at your wedding is a great way of making your big day uniquely enjoyable.

School Magic

My visit to your school or college can be such a wonderful opportunity for your students to witness magic and ask, “Now how in the world did he do that?” By getting kids to ask questions and wonder about something is the first step in getting them to want to learn more.  This is the very reason we want to bring enrichment to your schools. It launches interest and excitement and broadens the horizons of your students.


You as a tv magic show producer might wonder why would I need a director for a magic act. We need a magician and a camera crew! That’s it! Here’s why a consultant would help you hand over a show, that would defy a solution both for a know all magician watching the show, and also general public!! A real surprise! Magicians are sloppy sometimes, many are!! You can see hundreds around doing clumsy double lift or useless steals for an egg! People normaly wont be fooled if they know even a slightest fumble. People will see a hidden object and seconds later they think how it’s done! Magic over! Even if that object forms just one percent of the entire effect. Consultants make sloppy magicians into ace talents!

Magic Consulting


Illusion Design and Concept Development

Are you looking for a new original concept/effect or reconstructing ones that you have already developed? Rupesh will bring those ideas to life.

Consulting-Show/Performance Development

Choosing the right props, scripting, patter, and routining that best suit you as the performer.

Special Effects for Theater and TV

Producers and Directors of Broadway shows and Las Vegas theater productions are sometimes pressured to create illusions to make magical effects for their show, which is sometimes “tricky” due to their non-magic background. Rupesh brings his consulting advice by combining theatrical methods and illusion concepts to create what your team would want to be perceived in the show’s production.

Future of magic in nepal

What is future of magic here and why there are so few magicians in Nepal? I wanted to provide some commentary on this topic and also of the scene of woman magicians here too… often untouched topic! For this I contacted several prominent magicians male, female from all over Nepal. So Are there challenges that Nepali magicians encounter that their entertainment counterparts or not? If so, what are they?

Most magic shows are tasteless clownish acts here in nepal with a series of odd non-routined tricks shown at a speed of an express train, so they can boast of 50 items (as they call effects here) in 30 min, on their biz card!And strangely they get hired on this very basis…Who can show the most strange looking boxes and contraptions in so small time frame. So that clients ‘get back’ their investement and yes(!) the same magician gets hired for next time due to their SUPERB TIME MANAGENT with the most tricks in less time! So the problem with magic is a non exposure to world class magic scene here! Clients here don’t know the pleasure and a value of routined, scripted magic act… so I dont blame artists here… you get what u want to buy… simple! Garbage in garbage out!

Next I think in the entertainment community, the magician is not going to be taken more seriously in the beginning than the actors or comedians or singers here in Nepal.

Also It’s not uncommon for me to hear from a few female magicians here for themselves that they are pretty good, for a wasted talent. I usually advise them that taking into consideration whether the magician is male or female shouldn’t be an issue. We have to say ‘I am a magician’ first. The fact that I am a woman or a man is secondary. Most magic books are written for men. Not because the writers are trying to exclude women but because the writers are men and they are writing what they know. Tricks are designed using suit jackets and wallets and pant pockets. So if you’re a woman and want to do these tricks but don’t wear a suit or carry a wallet, you’ll have to figure out something else. Most patter is written for men. Again, not because the writers are trying to exclude women, they are just writing what they know. This shouldn’t matter in the long run because as an entertainer you should be able to make the trick your own, but in the beginning, it’s good to be able to work with patter that has been tested. And if it has a “male” feel to it, the women won’t be able to pull it off as well as their male counterparts.

But the scene here is still crazy for a female magician… The female magician almost needs to work from scratch when it comes to patter. I think female magicians are going to be hit on more than male magicians. They’ve had some inappropriate things said to them that if they were a man, wouldn’t have been said. I have seen a few ladies  had men try to pull  them down onto their lap and put their arms around their waist.  What can magic organizations do to be more welcoming to female magicians? That’s a hard one for me because I don’t belong to any magic organization because WE  DONT  HAVE  ANY  HERE!! I’ve been performing for so long now and the local magic community personally, they are very welcoming for ladies than men, positevly… so now I like to focus on the advantages rather than the disadvantages. I think woman magicians can actually have an easier time with the general public here in NEPAL because I think women are more disarming than men in general. Not intending to say anything bad about men, mind you. Just saying that society allows women to be less confrontational and if that’s what they want their style to be then I think women can pull it off better just because we are women. I think women can flirt in ways that don’t come off creepy but if a male was to act that way… well … it comes off sort of creepy. I can touch people physically in ways that would be, maybe, crossing some boundaries if I was a man. It’s easier for them to be “sweet”. Men socially don’t get to be sweet. They have to be tough or edgy or fake con men or something like that! Now i would like to focus on what magic really is like here in nepal.

Nepali Magicians here take an easy way out.magic here is not a respectable art form but just an easy way to get some bucks due to its curiousity value.people everywhere love to be amazed and surprised,Nepal is no different…we all love to shell out for a different type of fun,that magic gives!In Nepal u rarely will see a good card or coin or cigarette manipulations like cyril or a pleasant cane dance or ball magic..which require hours or years of practise! Most magicians u see today are a by product of an infamous exposure show by masked magician,which keep telecast repeatedly here.Any kid who watched the show is now a MAGICIAN!They are more inclined to use props based shows than using manipulative dexterity..by that I mean 9 out of 10 magic shows u chance to watch here will be using all sort of mini boxes and bags and all!u wont be able to watch a decent card or coins trick but more of change bags or silk blendos or likes!

Another problem here is lack of a proper magic culture.we dont have magic clubs or even a magic craft shop or a local organisation! Magicians here work under mutual fear of exposure..If i have a show and a fellow magican must have free passes ,tickets for them and familes or i risk half of my show exposed right out side of the hall or theatre..if I experimented with a novel secret,i got to share or again i risk mindless guesses cum bickering around the local meetings.If i grab a deal there must be 5 other magicians ready to work on half the price i get!

Its really a strange mindset among fellow magicians that needs to be straightend out by mutual consent here in Nepal.

Now about the other aspects of magic in Nepal.

Recently a Netherland magic Consultant an old friend of mine and Magic Designer Erik Vesser visited Nepal and we had really great talk on future of magicians in Nepal. He said that as magic world over is expanding its horizon, in Nepal too its high time Magic 2.0 needs to be introduced. If it has to survive here as a viable carrer option for today’s generation and for future!it has to be incorporated in main stream biz and culture!so what is magic 2.0?? You can read that in the next text. We have to grow beyond the usual set of magic and start an era of grand illusions here.

We can’t survive anymore by pulling out rabbits out of bags..

We can’t survive anymore by changing a color of hanky by putting in a change bag…

We cant survive anymore by swallowing paper and bringing out blades..  we keep doing these over worn effects again and again and think people here are stupid enough to enjoy them!we have to evolve as has magic!we have to compete in world class talents that people can watch on youtube at home…facebook throws tons of links of super magicians..world has changed,magic has changed world over..nepali magic has got to change!

So here is how I think we can do that change.

First of all we should stop worrying about exposure, which stops us taking magic as carrier in Nepal.  Here’s why?

There’s lots of talk that many of magic’s secrets are but a mouse click away. And in our technological age, these secrets aren’t just written explanations, they’re presented in full-motion video. This initially sounds awful and I understand why many magicians are riled about the public posting of secrets. To see what’s out there, I recently evaluated exposure videos on YouTube and concluded that there’s little to worry about. The majority of the exposure videos fell far short of being dangerous for a number of reasons that I’ll explain. For this exercise, I looked-up tricks that are well known to the lay public. I’m not going to name the tricks here because I don’t want to promote the videos. Also, note that in this story, I’m focusing on YouTube videos and not the topic of illegal copying and downloading of video, an entire different issue. Incompetence First off, to expose a magic trick, you have to be able to do it well to show what it looks like. Most of the exposure videos feature individuals who show little to no technical competence or experience with the tricks. As all magicians know, there’s a huge difference between understanding a magic secret and being able to convincingly perform the related trick. The technique is so poor in many of the exposure videos, I think that someone searching for a secret, in many cases, will think that the secret is for a simpler or different trick. Boring… In online exposure videos, there’s little or no attempt to make the effect entertaining. This is no surprise as the person exposing the trick has no investment in the technique, method or prop. As a result, watch most videos that promise to expose the secret of some magic classic, and you’ll find videos that are pure tedium to sit through and have no entertainment value. Perhaps even worse than exposing a trick’s secret is to make the trick boring. And who cares about the secret to a boring trick? I deplore the old and incorrect adage, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach,” when applied to the teaching profession. However, this adage is undeniably correct when applied to those who attempt to expose magic tricks. Clear and Present Danger? I’m not saying that online exposure videos are no danger to magic. There are a few videos that I came across that are rather devastating, but most of these were from television shows (probably copyright infringements), not from the masses of amateur videos. As we’ve learned from previous magic exposure, the revealing of secrets is far more devastating when it comes from within our own ranks. Our art of magic will always deal with exposure. For now, I’m convinced that online exposure is no more of a threat than anything in the past.

So now to to start, we can watch other magicians do their stuff. Masters of the art know what an audience wants to see, so we can pay attention to what types of tricks and what styles modern magicians use.we can use youtube and other resources and learn some magic. But we Do not, however, need to buy a beginner’s magic set (unless you’re a kid). Apply the stuff you learned from modern magicians and decide what type of act you want to do.

Get to know that there are 7 kinds: street, close up, parlor, stage, escape, mentalism, and grand illusions.

If you have the opportunity, try to get a magician to guide you. He might not reveal you any tricks, but he could give you tips on how to perform your first tricks like a pro. If you don’t have this advantage, try to learn from your mistakes as much as possible.

Over time, you will know what your audience wants most.

Have some tricks of your own. No one wants to see an unoriginal magic act being performed over and over. Of course, you should have some (or many) old and famous magic tricks in your act (such as the cups and balls). The public may enjoy some old classics (like the Miser’s Dream), but you should avoid certain old classics, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat (instead make it appear in a box).

Here’s how to think of your own original tricks (only do this if you understand the process and working of magic): Think of an idea that has never been done before. For example, make strings disappear from a guitar. Then, decide how you will accomplish the effect. Now, think of a way to make the trick convincing. Make some equipment, if necessary. You might even need duplicate object with which you’re working on. Once you’ve got all the parts planned out, start practicing the trick.

Develop a unique style of performing. Don’t steal others’ styles. You may take an old (dead) magician’s style and put a unique twist on it, but never take a modern magician’s style. It’s better to have unique style and perform previously performed tricks, rather than take someone else’s style and perform your own tricks.

Get organized. Before performing a show, be sure to rehearse it many times. You also might need to know how the room you perform in is designed. If you’re performing at a party at your friend’s house, that’s not really necessary. Just make sure there’s no one behind you. Your equipment should be made properly. Be sure to check, if everything works. Also, try to merge several tricks together to create a new effect. For example, after you turn a ball into a tissue, make a coin appear out of the tissue; then, make the coin go through your hand…

Make your own equipment. If you can’t produce your own equipment, ask some of your friends to do it for you, or go to a magic store or website and buy the equipment. Also, you might consider making people to help you as your assistants during your tricks (You already gave away the secret of many tricks to them, so why not make them part of the show?).

Get a good costume. A traditional costume for magician is a black jacket, a red formal vest that goes under it, and a pair of black pants that go with the jacket. The jacket should have many little pockets on its inside for storage of secret coins, cards, balls, etc. The vest should have big pockets on the inside so you can make big objects, such as plates, disappear/ appear. And pants should have two pockets, one on each side. The pocket should be long and made under the folded part of the pants. Also consider using the same basic outline of the costume to create a more modern one. One thing is certain you should dress a little nicer than the people you will be performing for.

Improve the flexibility of your arms, fingers and hands. Start with coin manipulation. It’s easiest to master, but is still hard. Anyway, back to coin manipulation. Learn how to palm the coin on your hand. Find a spot in your palm where the coin will stick the most even if you open/close your hand, or turn it upside down.
Then, learn creating illusions (like pretending to put an object in your other hand when really its still located in the first hand). After mastering coin manipulation, you can move on to ball manipulation and, finally, card manipulation.

Make it fun! Develop some artistic talent and sense of humor. Try to narrate or tell a story with your tricks. Be very humorous and funny (unless your style is to be mysterious or serious). If your magic act is boring, no one would want to watch it. Remember to tell some jokes every once in a while that relate to the trick. You might also want music playing during your act, just to make it more exciting. Sound effects would be cool too. But do not make an act with only music and no talking..

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