Aartee Illusions Systems

Aartee is the best place for magic consulting and magic shows in Nepal.

Consulting and Designing

Illusion Design and Concept Development

Are you looking for a new original concept/effect or reconstructing ones that you have already developed? Rupesh will bring those ideas to life.

Consulting-Show/Performance Development

Choosing the right props, scripting, patter, and routining that best suit you as the performer.

Special Effects for Theater and TV

Producers and Directors of theater productions are sometimes pressured to create illusions to make magical effects for their show, which is sometimes “tricky” due to their non-magic background. Rupesh brings his consulting advice by combining theatrical methods and illusion concepts to create what your team would want to be perceived in the show’s production.


Magic Shows

Aartee is the best place for theatrical magic in Nepal.

Birthday Show

My birthday party show is specifically designed for children to laugh, clap, and have a great time!!! Watch in amazement as your guests and children cheer the volunteer on stage. Laugh out loud as the birthday child and a friend get “turned” into magicians. Watch their faces as the children “OOOHH and AAAHH” out loud to visual magic with fun and colorful magical props.

Corporate Magic

How about making business life more magical? And how about adding that special bit of magic into your product launches and advertisement?

Party Magic

Having a magician at your wedding is a great way of making your big day uniquely enjoyable.

School Magic

My visit to your school or college can be such a wonderful opportunity for your students to witness magic and ask, “Now how in the world did he do that?” By getting kids to ask questions and wonder about something is the first step in getting them to want to learn more.  This is the very reason we want to bring enrichment to your schools. It launches interest and excitement and broadens the horizons of your students.


You as a tv magic show producer might wonder why would I need a director for a magic act. We need a magician and a camera crew! That’s it! Here’s why a consultant would help you hand over a show, that would defy a solution both for a know all magician watching the show, and also general public!! A real surprise! Magicians are sloppy sometimes, many are!! You can see hundreds around doing clumsy double lift or useless steals for an egg! People normally wont be fooled if they know even a slightest fumble. People will see a hidden object and seconds later they think how it’s done! Magic over! Even if that object forms just one percent of the entire effect. Consultants make sloppy magicians into ace.


Thank you for visiting my website.Hope you have fun browsing.Lets do some magic while you are online with me.Please keep in mind that the pages links below are password protected.If you have the go word then please click and login to have the fun.






Aartee is part of Rianfil’s hologram branche, the ONLY company in the world capable of making MULTILAYERED 3D holographic displays for every situation! They can be augmentated, interactive, and any size. With the latest techniques holograms can even have shadows and look completely 3D. Our new REVO systems enables you to have complete freedom over your holograms even in a large theater setting.

IMG_20130617_161518 IMG_20130617_160852 IMG_20130617_154850

20130702_160544 20130702_151658 20130702_161747

Our own developed REVO system is the latest and best in holographic displays. Whatever happens on the secret downstage area becomes a 3D hologram on the upstage.

HTheatre (3) REVO TheatreHTheatre (2)

Thanks to the possibillities of variation angles we can place holograms anywhere.

Zdisplay SK 84847 Jellys Option 1 (4) Cup booth SK02

We found the solutions for holograms under water. Now we can have seamunsters in any fountain piece or mystical lake.

Underwater Stage 02 Underwater Stage 03

2014-06-02 12.53.13 2014-06-02 12.52.46 2014-06-02 12.53.16

It is possible to have a setup where people can walk through and become part of the holographic display. We can have them walk through a tunnel filled with magical animals.

Mall Hologram Triangle 01Mall Hologram Int 03

Mall Hologram Int 02 Mall Hologram Int 01

For shopping malls we offer the opportunity to have shows, like fashionshows, in a special holographic theater. People can walk in and get involved in the holographic world.

2014-06-02 12.54.34 2014-06-02 13.07.11 2014-06-02 12.55.02 2014-06-02 12.49.35 2014-06-02 13.12.19 2014-06-02 12.54.22 2014-06-02 12.54.09 2014-06-02 12.50.14 2014-06-02 12.54.11

Also for shopping malls, museums and theme parks we also offer the holographic boxes in which people can see a hologram of whatever you want from all sides. It is also possible to have actors inside that interact with the holograms.

Pyramid Hologram 03 Pyramid Hologram 02 Pyramid Hologram 01

We can make hologram displays with turntables for different settings. This is great for a museum or theme park experience.

Hologram Turntable Hallway 07Hologram Turntable 01 Hologram Hallway 02

There are literally only 5 people on this planet who can work with the altered angle-formula, and two of them work for us!!

Soon we will showcase its new and unique hologram box for shopping malls and exhibition areas. Our model is currently under construction! Once placed in a mall shops can rent time in the box to show their promotions, leading to new oportunities for both shops and box owners.

IMG-20131029-WA0001 IMG_20130508_1148252014-06-02 13.06.35 360du1 ly3 2014-06-02 12.54.09 2014-06-02 13.14.54 2014-06-02 13.15.53 2014-06-02 12.53.43 2014-06-02 13.08.18 2014-06-02 13.08.34

Our holograms can be made in our own factory in the Philppines. Our hologram company is called Sfumato. From there we can supply you any hologram setup you might need.

2014-06-02 13.05.41


Welcome to our illusionary world!

Thanks to the latest techniques and new insights, and with the help of some professional creators of magic and special effects in Europe, we can now present the future of entertainment and advertising Holograms!

The Holographic Displays!


Our holograms can be placed in EVERY setting and, depending on space, can create up to larger than life holograms. That means that you can now have for instance a holograpic fashion show of holographic people showing your clothing. Or you can have your products being presented by a holographic tapdancing penguin. Holographic text can tell all about your products, while a holographic fireworks show draws attention to your shopping window. Restaurants can have 3-dimensional projections of their food. You could even have a 3-dimensional house or car flying around, showing all angles while a beautiful holographic lady shows all the special qualities. Whatever you want: we can place it in your shopping display.

315623_2219664448467_1153347035_32195858_160477627_n fish

The basic setup is a display-table on which the holograms will appear, and an image triangle that creates the hologram. No more special boxes, no more mirrors…. Thanks to our own new invention all the special gimmicks are hidden in the table and cannot be seen, making it a perfect illusion. The holograms appear in 3D, and can be seen from 1, 2 or 4 sides!

black and neon green measurements inside cabinet bottom

For business we can create special displays. Basically we can make whatever you want to show off your new product. These gadgets are very expensive in Europe. But from Asia we can produce the same effect for a much lower price.

Remember: this is the very latest in holographic techniques and this is used, for instance, in European amusementparks to create magical shows for audiences. But we took them a step further and made them into portable and affordable displays that can be placed everywhere. Basically we can make them fit into every place, and in every size, from 1 to 20 feet, and up to 4 sides for a truly 3D effect!

IMG_20130704_155035 IMG_20130704_155057 IMG_20130617_160852

New possibilities are on their way in the Hologram industry

The holograms we offer right now are the holograms which use mostly video images, but on the new posibilities you can see yourself in the hologram. Not just that.. you can see your self in the hologram wearing the item you want! Or you can see yourself as a hologram, or you can dance with a holographic panda… In our just opened testing faccility in The Philippines we are currently testing interactive holograms so that you can make a realistic 3D panda move and dance just the way you do. This is the new era for entertainment!

Soon you can touch the hologram and create interactive holograms by using the very latest technologies.

Michael Jackson Hologram 1 Sea of Flowers 04 Hologram Turntable Hallway 07

Feel free to contact for possibillities!


Magic tables

ARE u trying to display your products in trade booths..or in a window shelf of your show room…With these tables it is possible to do many magical effects.It WILL HELP U ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS AND VISITORS…This illusion table can be rented or bought for your businees promotions! Feel free to inform about possibillities and prices!

indian torsoOnATable

1002052 1001020

2004labtable front%20robot

The Floating Table

The floating Table

These tables are perfect for product presentations and are based on a magical principle never before used for tables.

Ask Rupesh Takur for options and availabillity!

The floating watertap

The floating watertap.A tap magically fills up the pond..without any visible source!

Contact Rupesh Takur for options and availabillity!I can build this for your house..or pool…or restaurant….cinemas…park..anywhere…